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Divider Curtains

Contain it, cure it, protect it, enclose it: no one has more uses of high quality tarps and coverings than the contractor. No one can meet those specific needs better than THOR.

Industrial curtains, scaffolding tarps and building enclosures made from reinforced, lightweight, clear DuraShield(TM) 6000 keep wind and rain out of work spaces while letting necessary light through. Or use PlastiShield(TM) unsupported sheeting as simple dust partitions or lay-down tarps when you must maintain a clean environment. ThoroShield FR products are Mildew & Antimicrobial resistant

THOR's debris tarps help in the clean up, whether from roof tear-offs or during landscaping jobs. Reinforced with 5000# tensile strength seat belt webbing, these debris tarps are made from a special perforated material that will let water drain through.

Protect lumber, insulation or other construction materials on the job site from vandals and the elements with five sided pallet covers made from tough DS9000. Choose black/white reversible material when you need to control heat and condensation build up, or clear when you need visibility.

If you are in the concrete business, you need our InsulShield(TM) brand insulated blankets and covers, closed cell foam sandwiched between two layers of DuraShield material with your choice of thicknesses and R-values.

From roll stock goods to custom covers, select the THOR tarp that matches your application. Let the right tarp help you work safer, longer, cleaner . . . and save you money!

Fire Retardant Tarp Specifications

USPS Security Curtain assembly and installation instructions

Track Components:
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Track Detail

Ordering Notes:

  • Width of curtain(s) ordered should be 10-15% wider than the width of the actual space
  • How to determine number of trolley hooks to order: Width of curtain in feet plus 1 plus 2 spares
  • Support the overhead track every 5-7'
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for custom orders
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Porch Enclosure Porch Enclosure

THOR Tarps used to fabricate an Elk Trap in Wisconsin

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